Imagine a world in which throngs of people would get together to support mental illness in an upbeat high energy event, with great music, activities, food and fun. That there was so much excitement and enthusiasm that the event was sold out and people wished they had signed up earlier. That corporate sponsors lined up to make major financial contributions and have their names displayed in association with mental health. That young people and radio personalities were not ashamed to share publicly their own struggles of dealing with mental health problems. That over 1.4 million dollars was raised to support services for mental illness. Well, that just happened!!!

With the funds raised each year, we are expanding the scope of our work. We are promoting mental health awareness in high schools, facilitating access to young people with mental health problems, contributing to the training of mental health professionals, helping families of patients with mental illness, developing new services for autism spectrum disorder, and making a massive investment in the renewal of infrastructure for mental health facilities at the Jewish General Hospital.

After four years, the MINDSTRONG Fitness Event has proven that people care about mental health, that attitudes are changing, and that we can make a difference for the many individuals suffering from mental health problems and their families. You could say that this fitness event has legs! Each year has surpassed the last in different respects and next year promises to be the best ever. Don't miss out on our 5th anniversary MINDSTRONG Fitness Event, hosted as always at Midtown Sanctuaire on May 5th, 2019.


Karl Looper, MD, FRCPC

Co-Director, Mental Health and Addictions Program, CIUSSS West-Central Montreal
Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Jewish General Hospital
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, McGill University

Your Dollars At Work

Dr. Karl Looper, Chief of Psychiatry and his team can now provide accessible treatment and advanced therapy to patients and their families thanks to your fundraising efforts!


A new Volunteer-in-Partnership (VIP Program)
  • This program provides patients with support, activities and companionship during inpatient admissions and when seeking external services
Hiring and funding a Youth Mental Health Coordinator
  • Reduces the number of youth on the waiting list for psychiatric screening
    Click here for the full report
Hiring and funding a Family Peer Support Worker in collaboration with AMI-Quebec to support families of young people with mental illness
  • This results in more accessibility for families
Development of a web-based application called AMINY
  • An innovation to facilitate assessment, monitoring and integration of personal care plans and immediate access to a therapist
The building of a Day Treatment Centre
  • An intensive treatment program for acute psychiatric illness; oriented towards helping patients resolve acute mental health problems
The rebuilding of the Inpatient Unit infrastructure
  • Provides a more functional and soothing environment that promotes recovery

Installation of Wi-Fi and an upgraded computer system at the Institute of Community and Family Psychiatry (ICFP) and converted paper medical records to an electronic system for Child Psychiatry
  • Improves communication and access to information for patients and professionals
Creation of a Mental Health Education Centre
  • Provides additional educational resources for the medical staff